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Lessons from a Sheepdog: A True Story of Transforming Love (Phillip Keller)
Lessons from a Sheepdog: A True Story of Transforming Love (Phillip Keller)

Lessons from a Sheepdog: A True Story of Transforming Love (Phillip Keller)

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In this classic, modern-day parable about a man and his transforming love for his dog, Lass, bestselling author Phillip Keller paints a vivid picture of God's love for the unlovable.

When Philip Keller and his wife decide to become sheep farmers in British Columbia, Philip realizes that he needs a sheep dog to help him manage his herd. When Philip brings home Lass, the dog is anything but cooperative, and Philip considers just returning the dog to its original owner—but as time passes and the dog begins to trust him, everything begins to change.

Woven just under the surface of this simple parable, Keller presents profound spiritual truth in his story of the “worthless” animal thought to be untrainable, who ultimately becomes a magnificent and valuable sheep dog—similar to how God's love can transform our worst characteristics into blessings that serve to further His Kingdom. As Lass’s relationship with Philip begins to improve, so does Philip’s relationship with his Savior. Fractured for quite some time, he is able to restore and renew his faith as he works to train his beloved dog.

Lessons from a Sheep Dog is:

  • A modern classic with over 200,000 copies in print
  • A short, easy read with 7 lessons containing simple yet profound spiritual insights to grow your faith
  • Ideal for use as a devotional or for study groups
  • Small, giftable size perfect as a holiday stocking stuffer

A profoundly moving and challenging book highlighting the depth of trust God desires from his people, allow yourself to see Biblical truth in this classic tale of what can happen when you yield to the Master.