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Moses and Jesus and Me! (Gotta Have God)

Moses and Jesus and Me! (Gotta Have God)

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Our best-selling Gotta Have God! devotional series for boys is back! Moses and Jesus and Me! brings 13 weeks of fun devotions to boys ages 10 12. It is packed with interesting stories, meaningful prayers, awesome memory verses, and fun activities that will help boys get to know God better every day!

Floating down the Nile in a basket, plagues, and crossing the Red Sea: Moses lived a pretty incredible life! Then there's Jesus: born in a manger to escape Herod, miracles and healings, and resurrecting from the dead. Pretty awesome, right?! Are you seeing a pattern yet? And how does this relate to YOU?

We're going to look at ways that Moses' story and Jesus' story are alike. But then, we're going to study the amazing ways Jesus is far GREATER and how these truths can change YOUR life in 13 weeks of exciting devotions, activities, and more!

Ready? Let's go!

4 Key Features of this Tween Boys Devotional

This colorful and captivating book includes thirteen weeks of devotional material. Each week includes:

  1. An age-appropriate devotional to guide boys to read and think about Bible truths and how these truths can impact their thoughts and actions.
  2. A self-discovery Bible story about Moses each Bible story includes Scripture boys look up and read for themselves, as well as thought-provoking questions.
  3. Life-application questions and conversation in which boys learn how these stories about Moses in the Old Testament point to the life of Jesus in the New Testament. More importantly, they discover how to apply these Bible truths to their own lives.
  4. And LOTS of fun interactive games, crafts, recipes, codes, quizzes, etc.

This Devotional Covers Over 20 Important Themes Every Preteen Boy Needs to Know

Boys will discover the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus and how studying God's Word and spending time applying Bible truths to their lives will help them experience God's great, redeeming love! So get started and learn more about God's great love today! Themes include:

  • Trusting God and His Plans
  • God's Protection and Provision
  • Growing in Confidence and Living in Obedience (and more!)

Perfect for individual use, boys Sunday school groups, Bible studies for preteen boys, baptism or confirmation gifts, and more. 240 pages, 6 x 9 inches, Paperback,