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The Giving Bag (Natural Life)

The Giving Bag (Natural Life)

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On both sides of bag: "The Giving Bag, This bag is on a journey, please help it on its way. Fill it with loving kindness while it is with you on this day. Create a precious memory with your family and your friends...then pass it on to someone else, so that its journey never ends."

This Happy Bag is one of our favorites for so many reasons...it's made with recycled water bottles and never get dog-eared so you really can use it forever! It's perfect for filling with tons of treasures you know your recipient will love...like mugs, jewelry or car accessories! They’re perfect to collect and store in your gift closet for later too! It's so fun to personalize and gift a Natural Life Happy Bag!

Size: 8"H x 9.75"L x 3.5"W