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Create Something! You've Got It In You!

I believe art is therapy. It's really why I have an art studio.  I know it is therapy for me. When I am at my best, I am creating  When I find myself stressed and most frustrated in life, I realize I have not taken the time to create. It doesnt matter if anyone else sees the beauty in my work, doing art is for me.

We talked about this last night at our Open Studio. For some, art is soothing, it is healing, for me it is a time I spend with God and we have a lot of good conversations while I am creating art, usually late at night. I don't really worry about what my art looks like, any more, or what others think of it. When I look at it, I think about all God and I talked about while creating the piece. Sometime I see the struggle in it, sometime I can still hear the voice of God speaking, sometime I can hear the silence of peace.

There is something in each of us that desires to create.  You may say you are not creative, but if you look deeper within yourself, I believe everyone has an innate desire to create.

For George, my husband, he gets great joy in creating a beautiful spreadsheet or computer program that runs smoothly. But he recently surprised me by picking up a paint brush and painting a beautifully detailed ceramic piece, when I was in a rushed situation for an order.  We all have it in us. And when we find that one thing, that brings out our creative nature, it brings such joy.

So are you stressed? How long has it been since you allowed yourself the time to create? Whatever that looks like for you stop and do it. Take the time. It will be worth it.
You have it in you!

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