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Jewelry Care

Tips to Care for Your Jewelry 

1. The golden rule for wearing jewelry:  Always is last on – first off

As much as you love your jewelry it is not meant to be worn 24/7.

Give your jewelry a rest at night.

2.  Sterling Silver jewelry can last a lifetime but it requires care to keep it in the best condition.

3.  Store your Sterling Silver in airtight plastic bags when you are not wearing it.

4.  Keep it dry. Remove your jewelry before washing the dishes, swimming, bathing or showering. Be sure to apply make-up and perfume before you put on your jewelry.  Never keep jewelry in the bathroom. Humidity is not it’s friend.

5.   Avoid exposing to household chemicals when cleaning, including but not limited to, bleach or ammonia. Chlorinated water attacks the finish, so take off jewelry before swimming.

What causes silver to tarnish?

Wearing your silver jewelry is the best way to slow tarnish build-up.  Store your jewelry in an airtight plastic bag between wearing to prevent tarnish build-up. But over time silver jewelry slowly turns from a yellowish tint to even black. But tarnish is a natural occurrence and happens as your jewelry is exposed to the air. The notion that silver tarnish only occurs with jewelry made from low purity silver is not correct. Hydrogen Sulfide and other substances as well as climate and humidity contribute to tarnishing. But not to worry……tarnish can be easily removed and the original luster restored.

How should I safely remove tarnish?

We sell jewelry care cloths specifically designed to clean shine, and protect your jewelry. Be wary of products labeled “jewelry cleaner” because sometimes they are no more than glass cleaner.

A sterling silver jewelry polishing cloth that is chemically treated to remove tarnish is the safest way to  clean your silver piece to their original shine.

What is rhodium plated?

Rhodium is a beautiful and less expensive alternative to solid Sterling Silver. Rhodium plated designs are first cast in solid brass, then generously plated in rhodium, a precious metal in the platinum family known for its durability. Rhodium is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and scratch and tarnish resistant.