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God Works All Things For the Good!

Romans 8:28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

This is one of those Bible verses that at times feels like a hard pill to swallow. 

Here's and example of what I mean:
Yesterday my husband woke early in the morning telling me he was experiencing extreme pain. I asked all of the questions to try and help him figure out what was wrong. Finally by 9:00am he decided he needed to go in to the Doctor. The appointment was set for 1:15 and I did everything to try to help him be comfortable until then. When we got to the Doctor she immediate agreed more tests would need run and she sent us on to the hospital. At the hospital my husband passed out as they were drawing blood and code blue was called and I saw many doctors and medical personnel and even a chaplain rushing to our aide. After making sure he was okay the second test which was an ultrasound could not be done because they gave him Sprite to drink when he passed out so to the ER we went where a doctor decided instead they would do a cat scan. Sure enough, after all of this, they found out he had an appendicitis and needed surgery. They got him into surgery sooner than expected all went well and he is now recovering.

As I sit here in the hospital room tonight beside my husband and look back over this day, amazingly, I can see God's hand in all of it. "You may ask how can you say that? It's been a horrible day! Why would God allow this to happen?"

My answer to that is, "I don't know!" 
But this I do know! As I sit here and hear the machines beeping and chirping I know my husband is okay. I know that at every turn in this day that even some of the crazy things led us to the point where he could get in right away for surgery and be on the road to recovery. 

The part that is most difficult about this scripture is the "all things". When unexpected things happen in our lives sometime it is so hard to see the "good" in that moment. When death or sickness or heartaches smack us in the face it is not easy to say " God will bring good through this." Sometime it's easier to yell, "Where are you God?"

But this promise we can believe and trust. God will somehow bring good out of the worst situations in our lives. We just have to be willing to trust, believe and look for them. I've found this to be easier to see in hindsight.

I know that today could have gone so differently. We could have gotten devastating news. I know because I have been there. But this one thing I know, no matter what the outcome of today my God would still somehow in His Almighty way, have brought about good. This is the faith I stand on today. Though I only see a small piece of the puzzle today, I know God sees the entire picture.

I pray that you have a blessed day and see the goodness of God in your life.

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