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Happy New Year!

As we bid goodbye to the year 2023, we take a pause and look back to our greatest moments of joy, happiness and blessings. We linger on precious memories and even a few difficult memories and contemplate this coming New Year. We enter 2024 with a fresh start. The canvas is blank. What will this painting look like at the end of this year? Only God knows. Our question is how will we proceed in the coming 12 months? Will we control every movement of the brush or will we allow God to give the instruction that we need. Some would argue that we should just hand God the brush, but I believe He wants us to take the brush, into these hands that He created and equipped, for such a time as this, and began dipping into the colors and making the marks and the strokes of our lives in a meaningful way. I believe as our loving Heavenly Father, He will be right there with us as we make each stroke, and mark on this year. He will give instruction, that we so need for each stroke, but most of all He wants to be with us through the process, and be a part of our painting. Oh, we may make a few mistakes, strokes in places that should not be, but He will be right there to help us to see the beauty in our lives in spite of those mistakes. When this year is over we will see the beauty in the chaos and messiness. In a painting there are often moments of chaos and moments that are ugly and frustrating but those difficult times eventually lead to a more beautiful painting. I'm ready for 2024. I'm ready to walk hand in hand with my Savior, I'm ready to sit at the canvas, with Him and get this painting started. I'm excited, a little apprehensive, hopeful, filled with anticipation but ready. God is with me, the greatest artistist of all times, This is going to be a great year! Are you ready?


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