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Let's Not Grow Weary!


If you are wondering where my posts have been the last few days, I am at our District Children's Church Camp this week with 121 children. We are having a wonderful time but it means very early mornings and late nights hanging out with children. 

I have the joy and privilege of teaching 8 classes a day on Bible Journaling or Bible Art and teaching kids the importance of listening for God to speak to them through His Word and "God Moments" in their life.

Several kids have opened their Bibles and showed me the prayer pockets that they made and put in their Bible last year. It encouraged me so much to have them share how they have been using those to pray. My prayer this week is that with the Journals we are making that they will be encouraged to get in the Word and journal what God is saying to them. 

One of the other leaders, here at camp, posted this scripture last night. What a great scripture for all of us to remember. We may be weary and our bodies tired but we still have a message of Christ's love that the world needs to hear. May you be encouraged this week as share His love in all you do. 
Have a blessed week!

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