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Missing One Piece

I saw this last night in Hobby Lobby and had to laugh. I thought, I probably have ten of these at home in my closet right now. Though the price was right, who wants a puzzle with a missing piece? Oh, trust me, my mind went to, "Well you could buy it and cut a piece of cardboard and paint it to match the puzzle." No one would ever know. Really? What? Am I crazy?

I wonder how many of us walk through life, with One missing piece that would fulfill our life and make our puzzle complete. Instead we try to fill that with an imitation. We try to fool everyone and make them think we've got this all together, "Nothing wrong here!" "Look at all the other pieces!", when the truth is, we are truly fooling ourself.

Only with God in our life, do we truly have a complete puzzle. Without Him in our lives, we will never be complete. He is the one who makes it all work. He knows how to put the rest of the pieces together.

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your life, stop striving to fill it with everything else and turn to God. Ask Him to fill that void. Sounds easy doesn't it? It really is! I know there is a little more to it, but when you have that One piece in place, it all makes a lot more sense.

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