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Simply Listening: 12 Months with God (Patsy Lewis)
Simply Listening: 12 Months with God (Patsy Lewis)

Simply Listening: 12 Months with God (Patsy Lewis)

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God speaks in a variety of ways, in both ordinary and unusual circumstances, when we least expect it and when we wait expectantly. We seek His direction in our prayers, but often end up doing all the talking. We place our focus on the part we play in the conversation―confession, asking, praise, thanksgiving, intercession―and neglect to really listen to His answer.

In Simply Listening, Patsy Lewis helps readers learn to listen for God's voice with keen ears and an open, hearing heart as they read scripture and spend time alone with Him. With guidance and insight, she shares a year of devotional readings and reflections designed to develop and enhance spiritual listening skills and inspire a new way to read God's Word.

You're invited to learn to listen:

  • To God's questions and conversations
  • With an obedient spirit and honest heart
  • Beyond requests and while extending grace
  • With watchful eyes and open ears
  • With pen and paper and to our self-talk
  • In the dark times and secret places