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The Bible Illuminated - How Art Brought the Bible to an Illiterate World

The Bible Illuminated - How Art Brought the Bible to an Illiterate World

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From a world lit only by fire, some of the most beautiful Bibles were created, illuminated, and enlivened with breathtaking illustrations.

Within The Bible Illuminated you will be introduced to kings and queens, monks and nuns, scribes and artists, librarians and historians, as well as modern-day collectors all hoping to preserve history by putting personal touches on their own copies of the most influential book of all time -- the Bible. Discover the geographical, theological, and historical contexts of these documents, as well as how illustrations disseminated the Bible among a mostly illiterate population. Be transported across the globe, across thousands of years, and across numerous cultures as you explore the history, narrative, and impact of illustrated manuscripts in The Bible Illuminated. Exquisite reproductions of the finest manuscripts and detailed descriptions combine to create a stunning, authentic, and powerful book that will become a keepsake treasured for generations. Immerse yourself in the Bible in a visually creative way that awakens the imagination and journeys you through history with emotional impact.

Release Date:November 2017
Publisher:Museum of the Bible Books
Length:208 Pages
Weight:2.05 lbs.
Dimensions:0.9" x 8.7" x 10.0"