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Watercolor Paint Set (Stationery Island)

Watercolor Paint Set (Stationery Island)

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BLENDABLE ESSENTIAL COLOURS – Each of our watercolour painting sets contains a range of 36 essential colours, all of them full pan sized for maximum longevity. Their solubility enables this selection to be effortlessly turned into a much more voluminous amount by blending and mixing, allowing your creations to come to life as they are made richer and more vivid with each stroke

 PAINTS THAT PACK A PUNCH – All of the colours in our watercolour paint tins are highly pigmented to ensure a high standard of lightfastness and consistency, resulting in creations that won’t instantly fade. Suitable for use on watercolour paper or other mixed media, they are perfect for diving into the deep world of watercolours, being non-toxic and suitable for kids, hobbyists and seasoned adult veterans alike

 BRUSHES & PALETTE INCLUDED – Each of our watercolour artist sets comes with both a traditional paintbrush and an innovative aqua brush, the latter containing a water reservoir for the effortless blending of colours or the seamless incorporation of other watercolour tools, such as brush pens, into your work. The tin packaging also doubles as a mixing palette, keeping all of your painting essentials under one lid

 TRAVEL FRIENDLY – Designed with compactness in mind, our lightweight and pocket-sized watercolour kit is perfectly suited to painting whilst in the studio or classroom, at home or on the move. With the included extras negating the need for a water glass or palette, the need to burden yourself with additional art supplies is eliminated and you can pursue your pastime straightforwardly wherever you see fit